Count on us, count on me – Our Service Promises

  • If a product falls short in any way, we’ll replace it AND refund your money.
  • We take pricing accuracy seriously. If an item scans incorrectly, you get it FREE (1). All other items will be provided at the correct price.
  • If an advertised item is out of stock, we will offer you a rain check or an alternate product at the advertised sale price – the choice is yours.
  • Can’t find an item on your list? We’ll take you there. Just ask any associate.
  • Want to try it? Just ask for a taste!

We’re Fans of all of our Associates, but once in a while, someone does something amazing that shows what our Promises are all about.

We love our customers!

Store 363: Dundalk, MD

I am writing to compliment several Giant employees, all who work at the Dundalk, Merrit Blvd. store. Their names are Elmer, Lois and Crystal. These 3 employees have consistently been helpful, above and beyond typical store staff. They have all gone out of their way to make my shopping experience enjoyable and successful by having the knowledge and expertise about the store’s products. This, in turn, influences my decision to choose Giant as my food store of choice!

Store 194: Annapolis, MD

I want you to know that this location, Festival at Riva, has become my go-to Giant. Walter, a Manager there, helped me to go back out of the line for something I had forgot. It only took a minute or two, but him stepping up when I was in a hurry made a difference. He greeted me, and I knew he was happy I was shopping there. Keep up the good work!

Store 232: Alexandria, VA

My local store cares about its customers. I shop here because the staff is so helpful.  They created the value that is so hard to get.  Keep it up!

Store 161: Derwood, MD

I’ve been shopping at this Giant for over 30 years. Most of the cashiers know me, and I know them. Tessy is my favorite. Violet and Liz are awesome. Laura, in customer service, is always helpful, knowledgeable and willing to answer any question, or drop what she’s doing to help me when needed.  Ed, the store manager, has stopped what he is doing to help me locate an item. If it is not readily available, he will check in the back to see if he can help me find extra supplies of items missing, and order for me if they are out of stock. They always open new lanes if there are more than two people in line. Everyone is cheerful and helpful, and it truly is a pleasure to shop at this location. The Grove Giant is truly a neighborhood favorite.

And we're fans of each other!

Brenda (Tonya) C: Ashburn, VA


Tonya is an experienced employee who cares about her department, her co-workers and her customers. She takes pride in everything that she does and helps out whether she is asked to or not. Her strength, knowledge and work ethic is a shining example for professional women working in the retail business. She gives me hope each day as a manager to strive for greatness and not to get discouraged but to learn and grow from the daily business experiences.


Lady C: Glen Burnie, MD


Lady C puts a lot of love into the cakes she makes! On more than one occasion, I could count on her to get my cake orders right when the request comes in at the last minute. She is the best!


Kim S: Rockville, MD


Kim does whatever task she is given. She goes way above and beyond her job title.


Diane S: Baltimore, MD


Diane goes out of her way to help everyone and she never stops when she is at work.

BEST VALUE: Teamwork

Barbara C: Dundalk, MD


Barb is always willing to help anyone. She always gives customers and fellow associates her best effort. Barb is multi- talented and helps in many departments. She is always eager to help anyone and always has a positive attitude!

BEST VALUE: Teamwork

Eric: Hyattsville, MD


I chose Eric #334. He is hearing impaired. On my way to work, I see him riding his bicycle to work. He stops by the Metro Station (PG), and if there are any carts there he brings them from over there. Eric is a team player. Anything you ask of him, he is there to do it the best he can. On his day you can tell when things are not done. Whether it’s pulling the trash or retrieving the carts from out front of the parking lot. I recommend Eric to be part of the Fanclub, because he is exceeding and for his abundantly great work.

BEST VALUE: Teamwork

Heather W: Fairfax, VA


I’m a fan of Heather because she demonstrates day in and day out her care and concern for her associates. She values everyone’s opinion and she never makes you feel like you’re not important. She has instilled that same value in me, which I use daily in my store since I was just promoted. Heather is not only a great leader but she is also like family.

BEST VALUE: Teamwork

Mark G: Germantown, MD

This associate always gives great customer service. He makes sure that all customers are treated with respect, kindness, and devotion. All associates should learn from Mark, and give the same customer service. After all, without the customer, we wouldn’t be here.