Count on us, count on me – Our Service Promises

  • If a product falls short in any way, we’ll replace it AND refund your money.
  • We take pricing accuracy seriously. If an item scans incorrectly, you get it FREE (1). All other items will be provided at the correct price.
  • If an advertised item is out of stock, we will offer you a rain check or an alternate product at the advertised sale price – the choice is yours.
  • Can’t find an item on your list? We’ll take you there. Just ask any associate.
  • Want to try it? Just ask for a taste!

We’re Fans of all of our Associates, but once in a while, someone does something amazing that shows what our Promises are all about.

We love our customers!

Store 121: Crofton, MD

I go to this Giant at least once a week. I have had a rough couple of months with getting a PET scan to see if my cancer returned, then I got shingles. Whenever I go to my Giant and I see Rhoderick. he always has a smile for you (everyone) and greets all. He will ask you about your day and if you found what you needed. He has this smile that is infectious and just makes your day better. You can tell when he talks to you, he is genuinely happy that you are there. I know he brightens my day along with many others. Just wanted to let you know how great Rhoderick is.

Store 2306: Baltimore, MD

This Giant on West 41st street is hands down the best Giant for customer service. I have shopped at Giant markets for decades (I am 73). I have shopped at Wegman’s, Eddie’s, and MOMs. No one offers more assistance and tries harder for customer satisfaction that the staff at the 41st Street Giant. Can’t find a product? They will do everything in their power to assist you. Shout out to Nate! If the product is anywhere in the store Nate will find it! Having a problem navigating the store? Someone is right there with the exact location of a product. This Giant serves a large senior population, an increasing younger population moving in and Johns Hopkins. They are awfully kind to seniors and put up with a lot of complaining. Thank you.

Store 748: Arlington, VA

Best ran grocery store I’ve been to! I lived all over the country and this place is as efficient, clean, and comforting as any grocery store I’ve visited. Kenny and his staff are down to earth, kind people and it shows in how the store conducts business.

Store 357: Bethesda, MD

Store employees were very helpful and courteous at this store.  It made it pleasant for everyone doing last minute thanksgiving shopping!

And we're fans of each other!

Denise: Lanham, MD


Denise is very friendly, caring person. She goes out of her way to be especially nice to customers. For example, she helped an elderly customer reach something up on the top shelf without the customer asking her. She is smart and works very hard. Denise is old school giant worker. She takes pride in her work and it shows!

BEST VALUE: Integrity

Xavier P: Bethesda, MD


Xavier provides exceptional customer service, he is always punctual early mornings and comes with a smile every day. He is a great team player and always a great help. I am glad he is working with us. He is a great second man in produce. Xavier has really fixed it up.

BEST VALUE: Teamwork

Elizabeth M: Baltimore, MD


Elizabeth is fun and very hard-working. She is willing to split her time in the deli between doing her morning stuff with being on the counter.

BEST VALUE: Teamwork

John F & Heather W: Vienna, VA


John and Heather are my store managers and they go above and beyond to provide a great customer service. They lead their employees as great leaders.

BEST VALUE: Teamwork

Eddie: Fredericksburg, VA


Eddie has a very nice smile. He is funny and is always helping his other employees. Eddie is always willing to put the customer first!


Rhonda B: Frederick, MD


Rhonda is my Dairy Lead. She is very knowledgeable about the product in her department, as well as the product in some of the other departments. If Customer needs anything from any other departments, she would inform us about the needs of the customer. Rhonda definitely helps with Customer retention.


Evette: Washington, DC


Evette is a wonderful coworker. She brings a lot of smiles to the front desk. She does an awesome job at the isolation and front desk and she should be commended on her job.

BEST VALUE: Teamwork

Julie W: Prince Frederick, MD


Julie is very helpful and great with customers. She makes sure they are satisfied and happy when they leave the deli.