Giant Service Promises come alive!

Giant is committed to creating a Better Place to Shop for our customers and we’re taking it up a notch with the introduction of our new Service Promises.

We’re making five powerful promises to our customers, and our hero associates are prepared and empowered to keep our promises!

  1. If a customer feels a product falls short in any way, replace it AND refund the money.
  2. We take pricing accuracy seriously. If an item scans incorrectly, customers get it FREE (1). All other items will be provided at the correct price.
  3. If an advertised item is out of stock, offer customers a rain check or an alternate product at the advertised sale price.
  4. See a customer that can’t find an item on their list? Make sure they can count on you. Take them there.
  5. Offer customers the chance to try a product before they buy it! Offer them a taste!

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