65787189-0c40-450e-bae2-d5fa4c241697In 1936, despite difficult economic times, N.M. Cohen and Samuel Lehrman worked together to open the very first supermarket in Washington, D.C. Until then, most food stores were small and relied on high markups to produce profits. The founders of Giant reasoned that a large store which offered lots of products and operated on a self-service basis could provide customers with food at lower prices.

From the beginning, Giant’s founders realized that the high volume necessary for the success of the business depended on offering shoppers a variety of quality products, at the best possible value, with friendly customer service. With these principles in mind, Giant store #1 opened on February 6, 1936 on Georgia Avenue in Washington, D.C. and revolutionized the food retail business throughout the Washington metropolitan area.

Since 1936, Giant has flourished. We are still committed to Mr. Cohen and Mr. Lehrman’s original principles, translated today into helping our customers save money, save time and eat well.