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Mt Schedule Manager

Schedules Available: 1 p.m. every Friday My Schedule Manager lets you see work schedule and timecard right now. If you’re at home or school or you just can’t find your schedule, no problem. Log on and you’re good to go. You can also come here to request a day off or schedule vacation time.
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Mt Schedule Manager

Here’s your self-service connection to HR and payroll information. Sign in with your username, password and PIN. If you haven’t set up a PIN, sign in from a store computer to set it up for the first time.Talk to your store manager or supervisor if you cannot login, please do not call the Helpdesk.
Associate Discounts
Mt Schedule Manager

As a Giant Associate, you can score local and national discounts, just for working for us! These offers are open to Associates only, so sign in to see what’s available.

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