What's Your Next Career Move?

Rock out with a Retail Career

We admit we’re a little biased, but we like to think retail makes the world go ‘round. And once you’re in, you’ll be hooked. It’s fast-paced, every day’s different and the gratification that comes with helping customers (and selling lots of food) is instant. Retail also satisfies your inner craving for a cool job with for-real opportunities to move up. Here are the different ways you can roll at Giant:

Store Management Careers

mmcstoreopsDo you ever wonder how the bananas and olives make it to your grocery store shelves, who dreams up those promotions that have you suddenly vowing to go organic, or why the guy behind the meat counter knows there are 29 different cuts of beef. At Giant, you can thank Store Operations, the team responsible for making our stores tick and our customers happy. Come on board and get the satisfaction of doing work that makes people’s lives better.

Supply Chain Careers

MMCSupplyChainThe Giant Supply Chain makes sure products get all the way from the manufacturers and farms to our customers’ shopping carts. Talk about moving parts! We have teams who handle distribution, transportation, inventory management and other links in the supply chain like Merchandising and Operations. If your resume shouts retail or supply chain, you eat problems for breakfast and you think “good enough” isn’t good enough, you’ll probably fit right in.

Merchandising Careers

mmcmerchMerchandising is the art of choosing the best products at the best value and making them available right when customers want them. At Giant, our Merchandising teams have food down cold: how to pick it, how to present it, how to price it, how to promote it – well, you get the idea. All those “Ps,” plus the most important one – a passion for food – add up to helping customers save money, save time and eat well. If you’ve got the passion, we’ve got your career.

Division Support Careers

mmcdivsuppIt takes more than great stores to make sure that our Associates and Customers end up with great experience. It takes organization, planning and great ideas as well as an eye to the future so we can understand how we can be even better tomorrow. Our Division Support Team is made up of a variety of departments and roles and they work hard every day to make us better every day.