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Bringing you the latest Associate only Load to Card digital coupons, The Loading Dock is the place to find out which offers are active right now!

There are special offers only for Giant associates,  but you’ll also see hundreds of dollars in other coupon savings. If you’re a first time signup , you’ll get $5 off $30 when you sign into your account for the first time.

What is required to load and redeem digital coupons?

  • Customers must have an online account with a valid, active Giant Card.

How do customers create an online account?

  • On the website, under “Savings and Rewards”, click on “Registration” and complete the online form. Customers will need their Giant Card number for registration.

How does it work if a customer’s household has more than one Giant Card account?

  • Any card linked in the same household will receive the coupon, however only one card can redeem.

Does a customer need to print Digital Coupons?

  • No, you must load your digital coupons on to your Giant Card and they will be redeemed at checkout.

How do customers know what coupons are available?

  • By logging in to their account on the web or through the mobile app, they can find offers under “Coupons”.

How does a customer know what coupons they have loaded?

  • When in the website or mobile app, they can find loaded coupons in the “Loaded Coupons” page.

Is there a limit to the number of coupons a customer can load/redeem?

  • No, there is no limit.

How often are the coupons updated?

  • New digital coupons are added weekly.

Can a customer use other coupons with Digital Coupons?

  • Digital Coupons cannot be combined with manufacturer paper coupons. Store paper coupons can be used unless otherwise noted, and will be deducted after the digital coupon.

Can a digital coupon be redeemed multiple times?

  • No, each coupon can only be loaded and redeemed once.

Do Digital Coupons double?

  • No, digital coupons do not double.

How will a customer know if a digital coupon is deducted from their purchase?

  • Digital coupons are only deducted after the cashier presses the total key on the register. Digital coupon deductions appear on the receipt as “Personal Disc”.

What happens if a digital coupon doesn’t come off a customers purchase?

  • A customer should visit the customer service desk or contact the Customer Care Team at 1-888-469-4426.

Can a customer return an item and reuse the discount?

  • Unfortunately, once a Digital Coupon has been redeemed, it cannot be added back to the account.

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