Stars are coming out in April

Starting in April 2018, you’ll see a little blue figure with stars around his head on products across our store. So what’s it all about? It’s Guiding Stars®, a food rating program to help you and our customers make nutritious choices.

Here is how it works:

1, 2 or 3 stars mean the item has more vitamins, minerals, fiber, whole grains and/or omega-3s (all the stuff that’s good for you), and less saturated fat, trans fat, added sodium, added sugars and artificial colors (the stuff you’re better off without).

 1 star means an item has GOOD nutritional value

 2 stars mean an item has BETTER nutritional value

3 stars mean an item has the BEST nutritional value

No stars?

That means the item:
1) isn’t star-worthy
2) is new and hasn’t been rated yet or
3) doesn’t get rated because it has <5 kcal (water or tea) or it’s a dietary supplement, medical food (baby formula), alcohol or food with no nutritional information available.

Want to know more?

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